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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 8 Quiz
Question 1                         
You see a 59 year old man with poorly controlled hypertension. On physical examination, you note grade 1 hypertensive retinopathy. You anticipate all of the following will be present except:
Question options:
patient report of acute visual change
narrowing of the terminal arterioles
sharp optic disc borders
absence of retinal hemorrhage
Question 2                         
A 40 year old patient present with a 5 week history of recurrent headaches that awakens him during the night. The pain is severe, lasts about 1 hour, and is located behind his left eye. Additional symptoms include lacrimation and nasal discharge. His physical examination is within normal limits. The clinical presentation is most consistent with:
Question options:
migraine without aura
migraine with aura
cluster headache
increased intracranial pressure (ICP)
Question 3                         
An 18 year old college freshman is brought to the student health center with a chief complaint of a 3 day history of progressive headache and intermittent fever. On physical examination, he has a positive Kernig and Brudzinski signs. The most likely diagnosis is:
Question options:
viral encephalitis
bacterial meningitis
acute subarachnoid hemorrhage
chronic epidural hematoma
Question 4                         
A 24 year old man presents with a 3 month history of upper abdominal pain. He describes it as an intermittent, centrally located burning feeling in his upper abdomen, most often occurring 2–3 hours after meals. his presentation is most consistent with the clinical presentation of:
Question options:
acute gastritis
gastric ulcer
duodenal ulcer
Question 5                         
A 78 year old resident of a long term care facility complains of generalized itchiness at night that disturbs her sleep. Her examination is consistent with scabies. Which of the following do you expect to find on examination?
Question options:
Excoriated papules on the interdigital area
Annular lesions over the buttocks
Vesicular lesions in a linear pattern
Honey-colored crusted lesions that began as vesicles

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