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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 7 Discussion
Caring for Clients Presenting with Non-Specific Symptoms
Clients that present to the primary care office with vague symptoms can often be difficult for the Advanced Practice Nurse to diagnose. It requires great assessment, diagnostic, and evaluation skills. Discuss what your plan of care would be, including differential diagnoses and diagnostic exams for patients that present with the following conditions:
Chest pain
In responding to your peers think about the cost effectiveness of the plan of care.
DQ2 Practical Tools in Primary Care
Knowing where to find the information that you need is a very important tool to use when in the primary care setting. Different resources can help you effectively care for the client that presents with non-specific situations. These tools can help you determine additional assessment data that may be needed, develop a list of differential diagnoses, list of diagnostic exams that may be needed and also help with your plan of care. Perform an internet search on the different resources that are available to use when you are working if your practice area. Manage a plan of care for two of the possible differential diagnoses including determining what the results of the diagnostic exams would be.

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