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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 5 Quiz
Question 1                         
A 58 year old woman presents with a sudden left-sided headache that is most painful in her left eye. Her vision is blurred, and the left pupil is slightly dilated and poorly reactive. The left conjunctiva is markedly injected, and the eyeball is firm. Vision screen with the Snellen chart is 20/30 OD and 20/90 OS. The most likely diagnosis is:
Question options:
unilateral herpetic conjunctivitis
open-angle glaucoma
angle-closure glaucoma
anterior uveitis
Question 2                         
In caring for the patient in the first question, the most appropriate next action is:
Question options:
prompt referral to an ophthalmologist
to provide analgesia and repeat the evaluation when the patient is more comfortable
to instill a corticosteroid ophthalmic solution
to patch the eye and arrange for follow-up in 24 hours
Question 3                         
Which is most consistent with a patient presenting with acute MI?
Question options:
A 5-minute episode of chest tightness brought on by stair climbing
A severe, localized pain that penetrates the chest and lasts about 3 hours
Chest pressure lasting 20 minutes that occurs at rest
Retrosternal diffuse pain for 30 minutes accompanied by diaphoresis
Question 4                         
The psoas sign can be best described as abdominal pain elicited by:
Question options:
deep palpation
passive extension of the hip
passive flexion and internal rotation of the hip
asking the patient to cough
Question 5                         
Which is least likely to be found in patients with pulmonary embolus (PE)?
Question options:
Pleuritic chest pain
DVT signs and symptoms

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