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MN556 Primary Care Across the Adult Age Continuum III
Unit 2 Assignment
Obtaining Services Within Your Community
The purpose of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (DD Act) as described in the current law, is to “assure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the design of and have access to needed community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in all facets of community life…”
Investigate resources within your community that assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with assuming self-management and support for daily living.
What is the availability and eligibility of these resources and services?
How do these services assist with developing their competencies and talents and help them gain control over life circumstances?
Choose a disability and discuss services offered in your area that helps to improve the life circumstances of these individuals
Explain the importance of these services to the family as a whole and how these services aid with care for these individuals
The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000. (2000). United States Government, Public Law 106–402106th Congress
Assignment Requirements
The finished Assignment should be a 5-page exploratory essay, excluding the title page and references. The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained.
Before finalizing your work, you should:
be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above)
consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary;
utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors; and
review APA formatting and citation information found in the KU Writing Center, online, or elsewhere in the course.
Your Assignment should:
follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
use APA 6th edition format for organization, style, and crediting sources including:
properly formatted header
12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman font
use of in-text citations
title page and reference page
use of headings (if applicable)
Submit the Assignment to the unit Dropbox before midnight on the last day of the unit.

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