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Two paragraphs each
separate answers
one reference per question
1. “IT Strategies” Please respond to the following:
Reflect upon the IT strategies that are used to encourage economic development. Select two strategies and discuss how economic factors affect the strategies that a government may use to facilitate economic development.
Choose the strategies that seem to be complementary to one other and could be implemented simultaneously. Justify your response.
Post two times for full credit. 
Use an AP Reference
2. “Strategy Methodology” Please respond to the following:
Using the three-step process for assessing the IT organization, determine the impact of economic factors at the enterprise level for each step.
Give your opinion as to which critical element of strategy (people, process, or technology) is the most important. Justify your answer.
Post two times for full credit.
Use an APA Resource.
3. There are multiple types of branches that we regularly use in our code. Which do you feel is the most useful? CIS 110
4. . Telling your comany’s story through pictures”
Please respond to the following:
Instagram and Pinterest allow businesses to use pictures to create interest for their companies. Create a strategy for using Instagram and Pinterest to draw people in for a company event. Discuss why you have created the strategy that you have. How would you try to bring awareness to a business by using Instagram and Pinterest?
Through Instagram and Pinterest, visual marketing is clearly on the rise. How do you think marketers could leverage visual marketing within their marketing plans? What target market do you believe will be most receptive to visual marketing? Defend your answer.
5. Body Image”
Debate It – Take a position on this statement: Media cause individuals to develop negative and unrealistic body images. Support your views with two or three reasons and/or examples. (Cite any sources you referenced.)
6. Which approach is better, SQL or Graphical User Interface (GUI)? Outline the benefits of each to justify your answer.
Find and share a resource or website that could be used to learn SQL syntax.  Don’t forget to provide the link.
7. The Cost of Natural Resources
Please share briefly with the class your own communities (and/or states) natural resources.  How do they affect your community or states economy?  Are you employed in such an industry or personally affected by it?  How have recent changes in the prices of natural resources (such as current low gas prices or how natural gas prices have recently increased) affected you and your community (state)?

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