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Two paragraphs one reference separate answers 
1. “IT Diffusion Models” Please respond to the following:
· Review the IT diffusion models, select two models, then compare and contrast how these models would facilitate a company in the country and business sector of your choice. Be sure to state your business sector. Then, explain how the IT diffusion models may affect it.
· Describe the process of how a non-IT senior manager would arrive at the decision to support one IT diffusion model over another. List the factors that would have to be considered. Determine which model you would choose and explain why.
2. “Strategic Alignment” Please respond to the following:
· Evaluate the approaches by company executives to align an organization for future growth and success. Give your opinion on the credibility of each approach.
· Discuss additional approaches not mentioned in the textbook that may be warranted in aligning an organization for future growth and success. Explain your response.
3.Identify or create the rules that you think should be used in creating variable names. (CIS 110)
4.”The benefits of Twitter and Snapchat”
Please respond to the following:
· Imagine you are a Social Media Manager for a company. You want your company to have a Twitter presence, but the CEO has reservations. Give three (3) reasons explaining why the company would benefit from being on Twitter. What types of items need to be placed inside of a Tweet in order to bring greater awareness of a business/product/service to the market? Justify your reasoning.
· Find an advertisement on Snapchat that you find engaging. Explain why you found it engaging. What caught your eye? How do you think you can use this tactic in your homework posts? Include a copy of the Snapchat advertisement in your post.
5.”The Media and Race”
· Debate It – Take a position on this statement: Representation of race in the media affects our perceptions of individuals. Support your views with one or two reasons and / or examples. (Cite any sources you referenced.)
6.Consider your daily interaction with technology, including your phone, PC, and all of your activities using the Internet. Out of all of the technology used, how many databases do you interact with daily? Provide an example of a website or an application that you use regularly that uses a database.
Find an article no more than a year old that lists potential databases. From the list, were there any items that you did not realize were databases? Provide the link to the article you find.
Slowing Down Global Warming
Please check out these debates (pro/con) points concerning global warming.  These links provide a small sampling of this difficult topic, both pro and con, please check them out now: 
Please reflect on these links, your text, and then reflect on your daily life. Do you feel the need to make changes, or should everyone (including yourself) just do what ‘works’ for them individually?  Should we worry about the distant future?  What do you think countries should do (i.e., many developed countries have instituted laws to positively affect the globe while many underdeveloped countries do not)?

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