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This individual assignment consists of a structured essay of around 2,500 words (+/- 200 words). This paper should demonstrate a good understanding of the challenges facing international businesses as observed through the computer simulation, but should also reflect on how the challenges link to current academic approaches to the subject. A synthesis of theory, examples from practice and reflections on the Global Challenge simulation game is required. The essay should have a definite structure, sub-headings and Harvard style references. It is expected that the essay utilise the simulation to reflect contemporary international business against. The topics covered in the lectures will give students suggestions and ideas for essay titles and could be adaptations of the following:
Adaptation and standardisation in marketing strategy especially marketing communications, consumer culture and product adaptation.
International HRM, staff recruitment challenges and ex-pat host country tensions.
Managerial control, corporate strategy and international operations.
Rapidly internationalising firms and SME activity.
Strategic alliances in the telecommunications industry.
The international surveillance industry.

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