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HSEM 3822, Tools for Decision-making
· Select one topic as a “tool for decision-making in HSEM” for your paper (see table below).
· No more than two students can write on the same topic. Where more than one student is doing a topic, students are expected to do their own research and each prepare their own paper.
· Research and prepare a 4-6 page paper (not counting cover page, graphics, references) on the topic, explaining technical, practical, and policy aspects of the topic. Explain how the tool or technology works, why it is a “tool for decision-making,” how it was developed, how it is used in homeland security and/or emergency management, its strengths and weaknesses, and how you see it either developing or needing to be improved in the future. Describe at least one specific example of its application/use in the real world.
· Use at least three research sources in your paper. Include citations to references for materials you use in the text of your paper in APA style. Use in-text citations with a works cited/references page at the end of the paper.
· Do not use general search engines as references (e.g.,,,, etc.). Use authoritative sources such as scholarly journals, research reports, and government documents as references.
· You will prepare a 5-10 minute presentation on your topic for presentation in class. Include references on the last slide of your presentation. Each student will prepare an 8-12 slide power point highlighting the key elements of the paper as part of their presentation.
· Assignment will be submitted to D2L Dropbox on due date in syllabus.

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