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HIST410 Contemporary History
Week 1 Journal Entry  How I Earned an A in This Class
Learning is not like the weather; it does not “just happen” to you. You must be actively engaged in the learning process, devise strategies to maximize your learning, reflect on the strategies that worked and those that didn’t, and modify these strategies moving forward. I want all of you to earn an A in this class!
For this journal entry, I would like you to envision yourself having received an A at the end of the class.
Imagine yourself looking back over the class and describe the strategies you used to earn that A in around 100 words. Here are some items to consider:
How often did you log in to class?
What time management techniques did you use?
How did you manage the reading?
How did you study for the exams?
What was your plan for completing the research papers?
Complete your Journal Entry in a Word document.
Submit your assignment.

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