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PART A. (75 words)      When a person incorporates the “W.I.S.E. approach” (Becoming a Critical Thinker ISBN-13:978-1285438597Ruggerio, 2015, p. 26) the individual is thinking by using reflectiveness, creativeness, and critically evaluates an issue or problem (Ruggerio, 2015).  The acronym WISE stands for Wonder, Investigate, Speculate, and Evaluate (Ruggerio, 2015).  Wondering creates inspiration and the desire to improve things (Ruggerio, 2015).  Investigate the issues and speculate on the possible solutions, and then evaluate if the solutions worked (Ruggerio, 2015).

PART B. (10 slides)
Social Media Pros and Cons
PowerPoint Assignment – Choose four social media PROS and four social media CONS from the list below. Create a PowerPoint presentation that details your support for the four PROS and four CONS you have selected. Be sure to use outside sources to support your opinions. In the end, you will have a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation – a title slide with your name and class, four slides for the PROS and four slides for the CONS, and a references slide.
PRO: Professional Networking Sites-Like LinkedIn greatly assist companies to find personnel and job seekers to find work
CON: Social Media – posts cannot be entirely deleted

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