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Week 1 discussion
DQ1 What three or four teacher dispositions do you think are most needed for special education teachers? Explain your choices.
DQ2 Based on this week’s readings, what are three key changes in educating children with exceptionalities because of IDEA?  What is your understanding of the connection between IEPs and IDEA?
Week 2 discussion
DQ1 Compare the CEC Professional Ethical Principles with the ethical code from one of the following organizations:
     American Academy of Special Education Professionals
     National Education Association
     National Association for the Education of Young Children
     National Association of School Psychologists
Discuss ethical standards that are the same or similar between the two organizations as well as those that are different.  How will these ethical standards affect you as an educator in working with students with exceptionalities?
DQ2 Using material from this week’s readings, identify and describe three strategies to promote more productive discussions with parents or other IEP team members. Rationalize your choices.
Week 3 discussion
DQ1 Identify and describe one effective strategy to de-escalate acting out behavior within the inclusion classroom. How can you provide positive behavior supports to prevent unwanted behavior and increase desired behaviors in school settings?
DQ2 Students may argue about fairness and ask why a student with special education needs is treated differently in regards to behavioral discipline, accommodations, etc. How will you, as a teacher, address this issue without divulging confidential information?
Week 4 discussion
DQ1 Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the co-teaching options presented in this week’s readings. Of the options presented, which do you plan to use within your classroom and why?
DQ2 Review the assignment scenario for this week. Identify and describe two recommended strategies that you would use to de-escalate the situation. Rationalize your choices.
Week 5 discussion
DQ1 In reviewing the reading strategies from this week’s readings, identify which strategy you are most likely to use as an educator.  Explain why you think this strategy will be most helpful within the inclusion classroom.
DQ2 Explain why the principles prescribed for Universal Design for Learning benefit all students. How can these flexible approaches be used in planning to meet the needs of diverse students in a classroom?
Week 6 discussion
DQ1 What is the difference between alternative and augmentative communication systems and assistive technology?  Provide an example of each.
DQ2 Explain why it is important to familiarize oneself with the CEC Code of Ethics as an educator. Provide specificity.
Week 7 discussion
DQ1 How can student interests and cultural background drive instruction? Provide a minimum of three specific examples.
DQ2 Identify and describe two considerations when assigning groups to ensure the small group process is productive. Rationalize yourchoices.

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