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VII. DISCHARGE PLANNING, AND HOME NEEDS NEED at least 4 scholarly references*

Self-Care & Infant-Care after Discharge- complete a short teaching guide to assist the family post discharge.

Please make this portion of your paper a teaching guide to provide your patient the information she needs

once she goes home. It needs to include all the relevant information she will need to care for herself and the

newborn in the following weeks. The guide needs to be individualized to your patient. This is your care plan

for her and her child for when she is home.  The discharge planning will include all of the points A-K that apply

to your patient:

Vaginal Discharge/Menstruation
Family Planning
Post C-Section and or post tubal ligation Care
Adjustment to Parenthood
Breast/Bottle Feeding
Provider follow-up (mom/baby)
Post-partum Emergencies (for mom/baby)
Infant  Care
Breast Care
Postpartum depression

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