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Module 6 Discussion
DQ1 Internal and External Factors
Environment factors, legislative events, and health care financing influence public health and population based practice. Although progress has been made toward a healthier global society, problems remain. 
Describe evidence of external influences (diversity-globalization, ethics, environment, and economics) on the population served at your SLE.
Identify the funding source at your SLE site.
Discuss how governmental policy or budgeting has impacted services and available resources.
Discuss the role of the C-PHN in obtaining funding for population health initiatives.
DQ2 Reflection
In this week’s discussion, present M5A1: the SWOT analysis and summary, to the class.
Identify the problems or issues uncovered from this exercise.
Discuss the role the C-PHN plays in determining a community’s health policy need.
Discuss how you would work with the key stakeholders and or partnerships needed to implement health promotion plan. Describe any preconceived notions or bias you may have regarding the professions or community members who may be integral to the success of your plan.
Discuss what you learned from this exercise.

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