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Module 5 Discussion
DQ1 In the Community
The community and public health nurse plays a critical role in promoting the health of communities. C-PHNs often use the Healthy People 2020 educational objectives as a guide to identify community – based learning needs.
In this activity, you will apply public health nursing concepts, models, and theories in the promotion of health within communities.
For this discussion:
Describe the health promotion plan you have designed to address the gaps in services identified in the community.
Based on the identified gap(s) in service(s), identify members of the interprofessional health care team and or community services that could assist in improving health outcomes.
Identify the Healthy People 2020 educational objective that would align with this initiative.
Discuss the community health promotion model or framework you would use to implement your health promotion.
DQ2 Reflection: Health Promotion
Case management has been part of C-PHN since the days of Lillian Wald. Now common within other health care settings, its origins are firmly rooted in public health. While working with an individual or family, the case manager may uncover lack of services or educational resources in the community. In the role of advocate, the C-PHN addresses these gaps in services, researches evidence based practices, and institutes change within a community.
For this discussion, summarize the health promotion you designed and shared last week.
Identify evidence based practices and interventions that support your health promotion plan from M5D1.
Using Table 22-1 (pp 482 of text) as a guide, describe how your health promotion plan addresses each of the components listed in this table. Be sure to include examples of members of the inter- professional team who will assist in successful implementation of your plan.
Identify the C-PHN competency this activity would address.

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