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Module 3 Discussion
DQ1 Everything is Connected
Epidemiology offers C/PHNs a methodology to assess the health of a community/population. It provides a frame of reference for investigating as well as improving the health of communities.
The C/PHN is in fact a kind of detective who investigates a problem, unravels a puzzle, analyzes, and interprets clues, narrows down suspects, plans an intervention, and addresses the issue.
In this discussion, you will investigate a current public health issue in your community by
Identify a current health issue/concern in your community e.g. lead poisoning, Zika virus, West Nile virus, obesity, HIV/AIDs, gun violence, heroin and drug use, food safety, healthcare associated infections, nutrition, infant mortality, etc.
Describe the epidemiologic data & biostatistics used to identify this public health problem.
Describe primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention interventions being planned and/or implement in your community to address this public health problem.
DQ2 Reflection: The Community Assessment
The observations and data collected in your Comprehensive Community Assessment provides a snap shot of your community: its population, its strength and resources, its stability, any changes, and/or trends that influence the health and well-being of the community as well as it needs.
Post your Comprehensive Community Assessment (CCA) (M3A1 assignment) in the discussion area to share with your peers.
Describe how your CCA assisted you in identifying the needs of the community as well as vulnerable populations present.
Identify Healthy People 2020 goals relevant to improving population health in your community.
Discuss how the CCA informed your analysis of the community/neighborhood,  identify new fact(s) you learned about your community, including available health related agencies.

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