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Module 2 Discussion
DQ1 The Community as Client
A community’s health is reflected in its status (morbidity and mortality rates, crime rates, educational and economic levels), structure (availability, use and quality of services and resources), and processes (how well it functions regarding its strengths and limitations).
In this discussion, you will evaluate secondary data regarding your community’s health status to discover existing or potential needs and assets.
After reviewing table 18-3 Health Status Indicators (pg. 405 of text) and the data provided in County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. identify leading health status indicators in your community.
Discuss how demographic factors and health disparities influence these indicators and what population(s) is most at risk.
Review Healthy People 2020 State and Territorial Healthy People Plans  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.for your state and identify how your state is addressing the health status indicators you have identified in your community.
DQ2 Major Health Issues
Today, C/PHNs are faced with a multiplicity of population based health problems within the community. Such public health problems as the quality of a community’s drinking water, the outbreak of Zika virus in the US, caring for returning veterans, an aging and more diverse population, as well as a major heroin epidemic further increase the burden on communities, services, and resources.  One of the core competencies for Public Health Nursing is the ability to describe the characteristics of a population-based health problem.  In this discussion, you will address this competency as you:
Identify a current population based health problem present in your community.
Describe the structures and government interventions in place in your community/state to address this issues.
Identify any gaps you perceive in how your community is dealing with this population based health problem.
Describe the steps a C/PHN would take to address your community’s population based health problem.

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