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Module 1 Discussion
DQ1 Back to the Future
This module has provided you with an overview of the history and practice of Community/Public Health Nursing and expanded on the concept of client. In this discussion, you will explore these concepts further as you identify trends in public health nursing, health concerns in your own community, and the role of the community/public health nurse in dealing with population health issues.
When you have completed your readings for this module research the questions listed below and share the information with your classmates.
Discuss how the role of Community/Public Health Nurse has been impacted by one of the following events: terrorism, natural disasters, aging population, broken health care system, chronic healthcare issues, infectious diseases, and an economic downturn.
Identify health concerns in your community that have resulted in death, disease, or injury from one of these events or issues listed above.
Describe how population based community/public health nursing could assist with these issues and/or problems.
DQ2 Interprofessional (IPE) Discussion Contract
Please use this link to sign your Interprofessional (IPE) Discussion Contract (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. After you have submitted, post a discussion reply containing the word “Done” in order to receive credit.

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