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Write a cover letter for your Evaluation paper.  This cover letter should discuss the purpose of your Evaluation, who your audience is, and why you included the details you included. This letter should be 200 words at minimum and should use MLA format as we discussed in class.
This assignment will help you understand what you’re writing and to whom.  It will help you get better at writing by making you think about the choices you’ve made and why you’ve made them.  The letter can be read like this (but should be in MLA format and this is not!):
Dear Professor,
In writing my Evaluation, my purpose was  XXXXX.  I wanted to achieve this by speaking to my audience, XXXXXX.  I tried to think of something to say in this line, but it took a long time.  Once I realized my purpose, it became easier.  I struggled with meeting the length of this assignment, but I realized that my audience probably didn’t know anything about XXXXX, so I decided to add more details.  My peer reviewer said that she especially liked that part, so I was glad that I added it.  I think if I were to revise this paper, I would add XXX, because XXXXXX.
Your Name

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