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The general rule is that a lawyer shall not reveal information relating to the representation of a client, however, there are exceptions to this general rule, what type of confidential information can be disclosed under he model rules of professional conduct for attorneys, 16-106 NMRA 

An evaluation essay is a type of essay that assesses the quality or value of a particular subject, such as a product, service, book, movie, or performance. Here are some steps to help you write an evaluation essay easily:

Choose a topic: The first step in writing an evaluation essay is to choose a topic that you want to evaluate. It’s important to choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about, as well as one that you have an opinion on.

Develop criteria: Once you have chosen a topic, develop criteria for evaluating it. This means deciding on the standards or measures that you will use to evaluate the subject. For example, if you are evaluating a restaurant, your criteria might include the quality of the food, the service, and the ambiance.

Gather evidence: Gather evidence to support your evaluation. This may include personal experience, research, and the opinions of others.

Write an introduction: In the introduction, provide some background information on the subject you are evaluating. Also, include your thesis statement, which is the main point of your essay. The thesis statement should state your evaluation of the subject and the criteria you will use to evaluate it.

Write the body paragraphs: The body paragraphs should each focus on a specific aspect of the subject that you are evaluating. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that relates to your thesis statement. Provide evidence to support your evaluation and use examples and personal experience to illustrate your points.

Write a conclusion: In the conclusion, summarize your evaluation and restate your thesis statement. Provide a final opinion on the subject and offer some final thoughts.

Edit and revise: Once you have completed your essay, take some time to edit and revise it. Check for grammar and spelling errors, and make sure your ideas flow logically.

Remember, when writing an evaluation essay, it’s important to provide evidence to support your evaluation and to use clear criteria for evaluating the subject. With these steps, you can write an evaluation essay easily and effectively.

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