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Current event assignment:- 

Pull a news article from a major newspaper or online news like CNN, BBC, and CBS etc. and read it. After reading, please critically summarize the article using the following criteria:
Your article MUST not be more than THREE months old.
In the first paragraph, indicate the title of the article, author of the article, source of the article, and what the article is talking about.
In the second paragraph, critically relate the article to an economics aspect we have covered in the class. Please restrict this to what is already covered in class for that week – this must be a synthesis of what you have studied in the week’s chapter(s) in the class.
In the third paragraph indicate whether you agree with the article or not and why?
In the fourth paragraph, summarize the article
Produce two pages of this assignment – please double space.
Please include the link (URL) for the article you summarized
Type the article with 12 font size – work that is not typed will not be accepted

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