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Your Journal 3 must be at least two pages

Please address discussion question 2 and answer the questions in 3 Then write about some related experiences you’ve  had (or are currently having) with education what were (or are) your “doors”? Did (or do) they connect to your instructors, your classmates, or other barriers? Explore.


Question 2

In paragraph 7, Alexie repeats a certain verb fourteen times. What is this verb, and what effect does this repetition have? What might Alexie be trying to say about the process of his coming to literacy, in terms of both the effort required and the height of the obstacles encountered (or, given the metaphor introduced in par. 4, the thickness of the doors that must be broken through)?

Question 3
connections/ In “Learning to Read and Write” (p. 125), Frederick Douglass writes, “In moments of agony, I envied my fellow-slaves for their stupidity” (par. 6). Compare this sentiment to Alexie’s feelings about his fellow classmates on the reservation (par. 6). Do you think that Alexie envied his classmates? Why, or why not? How were his difficulties different from those faced by other Indians?

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