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Electronic medical records (EMRs) can run within a physician practice  as a local application or by way of a Web-based hosted application  residing within a data center. Depending on the application, different  types of hardware, software, and telecommunication access may be  required. Some of the necessary software can be purchased from vendors  or can be open source solutions.
To prepare for this Group Project, search the Internet  for information on the OpenEMR product. Also search for other open  source solutions for health care, as can be found at Open Source and  Healthcare IT.
Also, explore the Internet for information on a SWOT analysis and download the SWOT Analysis Template.
Explore the Internet for information on how bandwidth  limitations can affect the movement of medical records. You can find  bandwidth parameters at Bandwidth Calculator.
For this Group Project,

Evaluate the OpenEMR product and do a SWOT analysis,  looking at its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Use a  SWOT analysis format to present your findings. NOTE ” Link to Open EMR Website:

By Day 7
In a 1- to 2-page report written in APA format:

Describe the value and limitations presented by the open source community.
Consider the differences between a local and a  Web-based application. How do their uses affect the need for hardware,  software, network components, and telecommunication access?
Consider bandwidth limitations of the following and  how they constrain the movement of medical records: POTS, ADSL, SDSL,  T1, and Fiber.

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