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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Research Assignment 2: Mid-Term Paper
The purpose of this assignment is to provide the opportunity to further examine your hypothesis and how it can be tested in relation to the middle range theory that you identified.  This is going to stretch you ~ but trust me, you will have a better appreciation of the process when you’re done ~ not to mention a feeling of accomplishment!
This will be a 4-5 page paper using at least three peer-reviewed journals, no older than 5 yrs. prepared in APA format using APA 6th ed. guidelines.  (please note: IF you include a reference in your reference list, you must have a corresponding in-text citation within your paper)
Using the information you’ve already completed from your chapter 9 discussion board (steps 1-4), let’s work on the presentation of the information (step 5)
1.  Choose a problem or idea.  Nursing research starts will the identification of a problem or an idea.
2.  Write a hypotheses statement of the predicted relationship between tow or more variables.
3.  Conduct a literature search regarding this problem or idea ~ for the purpose of this assignment, look through the literature for a middle range theory that has been applied to a similar problem.
4.  Choose a middle range theory & framework
5.  Present your findings:
Identify your hypothesis ~ Identifying the variable(s) or ideas than can be explored and measured
Describe the problem
Apply the theory to problem
Include an application of the framework of your theory to your problem
Assessment and management of the problem
For Example:  The problematic symptom of vertigo related to Meniere’s disease
Paper Example: TOUS.Vertigo.EXAMPLE.docPreview the document
Problem:  The problematic symptom of vertigo related to Meniere’s disease
Hypothesis:  There is a positive relationship between quality of life and managment of the symptom of vertigo through non-pharmacologic methods in adult patients diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.
Theory:  Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms (TOUS)  This middle-range encompasses three major components: the symptoms an individual is experiencing, the three types of influencing factors affecting the experience, and the consequences of those symptoms, which may affect performance in both cognitive and functional activities.
TOUS Original Diagram

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