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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Research Assignment 1 Practice Identifying the Components of a Research Article
Assignment: (Please submit in Word: .doc; .docx)
Using the article you expanded upon in last week’s discussion board (trust me, it can be fun to go back and re-read/review/analyze one article), you’re going to look a little closer at some additional questions in reviewing the components of a research study.  In this process, identify the components of the research process:
1. What is the measure variable?
2. How was data collected?
3.  Analyze data using statistical methods (Don’t overthink this ~ use the info in ch 5, p.72)
 4.  Review statistical and analytical methods used for analysis (Again, don’t overthink this ~ we will look at statistical methods down the road, but you’ve all had statistics ~ present their analytical findings and summarize them.
5.  Evaluate the quality and validity of research studies (Your text doesn’t discuss evaluation of validity and quality up until now in your reading, but grapple a little with this ~ You remember confidence indexes (CI) from statistics… odds ratios (OR)…Review some of this data and try to make some sense of it.
 6.  IF YOUR ARTICLE used data collection methods & procedures for qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods in a single study, explain the different methods of data collection and how they were interpreted.  (This is often where researchers get the most use of their collection of data.)
 7.  Summarize the steps of your quantitative/qualitative research article in light of the steps identified in your reading
Enjoy the process!

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