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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Chapter 12-14 Quiz
Question 1
Which statement best describes a population?
  Trauma clients hospitalized in an intensive care unit during January 2010
This statement describes a population because it describes a complete set of persons that possess a common characteristic (i.e., clients who have experienced trauma requiring hospitalization in an intensive care unit).
   Four hundred nurses selected from a membership list of American Nurses’ Association (ANA) members
  Members of a cult identified by other members of the same cult
  Members of families of clients undergoing surgery, sitting in the waiting room of St. Francis Hospital
Question 2
Which sampling method would be most practical and provide the most reliable data to study the ethical conflicts experienced by registered nurses who work in city, county, and federal prisons?
  Simple random sampling
  Cluster random sampling
Cluster random sampling would be the most practical and yield the most reliable data because systematic selection of location for participants will improve reliability of data, and because the volume and locations of city, county, and federal prisons presents an impractical, expensive, and time-consuming approach.
   Quota sampling
  Purposive sampling
Question 3
The study design proposes advertising in the local newspaper to attract subjects for a study. The subjects would be paid $75 for their participation in the study. How should the nurse interpret this plan?
  It is not ethical to reimburse study subjects for participation.
  The reimbursement offered is not enough to attract subjects.
  The results of this study may not be generalizable.
When subjects are drawn into a study for a specific reason, the results are not generalizable to other groups.
   Most studies do not have sufficient funding to use this design.
Question 4
A researcher asks another nurse to use a study instrument to score a questionnaire completed by study participants. The researcher has previously used the instrument to score the questionnaire and will compare the two results. Which type of reliability is this researcher trying to establish?
  Internal consistency
Stability measures the consistency of a measurement over time.
Question 5
According to the research report, the nurse researcher tested a study instrument’s validity using the technique of factor analysis. What other test could the researcher have used to test the same type of validity?
  Scale homogeneity
  Known-groups procedure
Factor analysis and know-groups procedure both test construct validity.
Question 6
A study was conducted to evaluate shivering in the post-operative patient. The study measures subjects’ weight in pounds and temperature in centigrade degrees. What should the reader consider about the level of measurement of these two parameters?
  Additional information is needed before any determination of level of measurement can be made.
  Temperature is measured at ratio level.
  Weight is usually consider to be measured at the ratio level.
Weight is generally considered to be measured at ratio level, which is the highest level of measurement. Ratio level of measurement includes data that can be categorized and ranked; in addition, the distance between ranks can be specified, and a “true” or natural zero point can be identified.
   Both of these measurements are at interval level.
Question 7
A question asks subjects to respond to the following statement: “The nursing care I received during my hospital stay considered my needs as an individual.” They were asked to identify, on a five-point scale, the degree to which they agreed or disagreed with the statement. This is an example of which scale?
  Semantic differential scale
  Sort scale
  Likert scale
A Likert scale is a five-point to seven-point scale on which respondents are asked to indicate the extent/degree to which they agree or disagree with a neutrally worded statement.
   Visual analog scale
Question 8
The nurse educator is reading a published study conducted to collect data on the process by which student nurses are evaluated during a clinical rotation. Which data collection method would this educator recognize as appropriate for this study?
  Q sort
A questionnaire would be the best way to collect the data because the data are sensitive in nature and a questionnaire would allow the data to be collected in a way that the subjects are anonymous.
Question 9
Which question is correctly stated for use in a research study questionnaire?
  Do you believe that being fat is an illness?
  Do you generally eat breakfast?
  What are you least likely to purchase, medicine or food?
  Where do you plan to work after graduation?
This question is straightforward, easily understandable, and is open-ended.
Question 10
A nurse researcher is trying to decide on the best method of data collection in a study. What is the advantage of an interview over a questionnaire as a method of data collection in a study?
  They are less time-consuming
  In-depth responses can be obtained
   There is less bias
  Response rate is low

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