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NUR 4775 ~ Applications in Evidence-Based Practice for BSNs
Ch. 12-14: Populations, Samples, Measurements & Data Collection Discussion
Identify a research article of your choice (try to avoid systematic reviews & meta-analyses), reference the article in APA format & ATTACH the article for review.  Answer to following questions for the article:
A.  Is this a qualitative or quantitative research article?
B.  Identify the population and sample of your article. Applying the general guidelines presented in Box 12-1 of your text, which sampling procedure was used & how was the target/accessible population(s) obtained
C.  Using this same article, identify the measurement instrument used (such as questionnaires, interviews, observation, etc.).  Now, let’s critique the data collection methods:
If it was a questionnaire:
Did the researchers develop their own instruments or did they used one that had been used before?
Was information provided on the number of questions, the length of the questionnaire and how long it would take to complete the questionnaire?
Was the response rate provided for the return of the questionnaires?
Were sampling biases discussed?
Was anonymity or confidentiality assured?
If it was interviews:
Was information provided on how long the interview would take?
Was information provided about training for the interviewers?
Was confidentiality assured?
If the research article used other methods:
Was the specific method identified?
Was the rationale for use of the method presented?
Was the instrument described in detail? ( Did they address: practicality, reliability, or validity?)
Was the scoring method clearly discussed?
D.  Summarize the findings of your research article.  Based on your text book readings, the PowerPoints and your professional opinion, do you believe that the researchers of your article did an effective job in choosing the best method/size of sampling, the best measurement instrument(s), and the best data collection method for the topic at hand?  Explain your opinion in light of how these findings may be applied to the practice setting (is the evidence strong enough to support change? Does more research need to be done?  etc.)

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