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NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 6  Quiz
Question 1
Which of the following is an example of civil law?
  Giving alcohol to a minor
  Child custody case
   Possession of marijuana
  Assault and battery
Question 2
Which of the following falls under the jurisdiction of the state board of nursing?
  Approving or reject applications for new nursing education programs
   Reducing the provisions of the nurse practice act
  Expanding the provisions of the nurse practice act
  Right to suspend the need for licensure of registered nurses (RNs) in times of extreme shortage
Question 3
What is the primary function of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)?
  Overseeing decisions made by state boards of nursing
  Administering the NCLEX examination at testing centers
  Overseeing granting licensure by endorsement
  Developing the NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® licensing examinations
Question 4
The nurse forgets to give the patient a dose of antibiotic. Later in the shift, the patient goes into cardiac arrest and dies. What element is lacking to support malpractice?
  Specific injury
  Proximate cause
   Breach of duty
  Duty of care
Question 5
A competent resident in a long-term care facility refuses an ordered antidepressant medication. The nurse believes the patient needs the medication because he is clearly showing signs of depression and dissolves the medication in juice without telling the patient. This illustrates negligence by failure to
  assess and monitor a patient.
  follow the standard of care.
  communicate with a patient.
Question 6
The nurse giving medications to a pediatric patient notes that an order for a medication is considerably larger than the usual dose. The nurse looks up the medication in a pharmacology book and finds the prescribed dose is too large. Which action should the nurse take?
  Notifying the physician of these findings before giving the medication
   Calling the nursing supervisor and ask what to do next
  Calling the pharmacist to obtain the usual dosage
  Documenting the findings in the chart after giving the medication
Question 7
The RN asked a nursing assistant to monitor several postoperative patients. Which of the following instructions to the nursing assistant demonstrate appropriate delegation?
  “Take vital signs every 2 hours, and report to me anything outside of the norms.”
  “Record the urine output, and report to me if they have not voided within 4 hours.”
   “Assess pain using a 10-point scale, and record the score on the chart.”
  “Record the amount of drainage on the dressing on the bedside record.”
Question 8
Which of the following is a legitimate defense to a charge of assault and battery?
  Knowledge of what is best for the patient
  Living will
  Presence of a medical order
  Informed consent
Question 9
Which of the following is a nursing responsibility regarding informed consent?
  Serving as a witness, ensuring that the patient does not feel coerced into a decision
   Ensuring that the physician has completely explained the costs of the procedure
  Explaining the procedure, risks, and treatment alternatives
  Canceling the procedure if the patient has questions
Question 10
Which patient rights are guaranteed by HIPAA?
  Patients may receive a complete copy of their medical records at no cost.
  Patients are protected against medical records being indiscriminately shared.
   Patients are asked to sign a release of responsibility if their health care records inadvertently become a matter of public record.
  Patients sign a release protecting the health care provider and insurance company against computer file theft.

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