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NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 4  Quiz
Question 1
In 1900, the primary reason for hospital-based nursing education programs
  staff the hospitals that operated the education programs.
   provide educational opportunities for women.
  provide standardized preparation for nurses.
  educate nurses to care for patients in hospitals.
Question 2
The Goldmark Report focused on what aspect of nursing?
  Desirability of establishing schools of nursing within academic settings
   Consistency in theory content across diploma programs
  Consistency in length of nursing education programs
  Increasing numbers of physicians teaching in nursing programs
Question 3
Which of the following recommendations resulting from the 1934 study Nursing Schools Today and Tomorrow still has relevance today?
  Nurses should be highly educated.
   Nursing students should be trained on the job.
  Nursing students should be used to staff hospitals on the weekends.
  Nurses with highly developed instincts do not require standards of practice.
Question 4
The single most important reason for the decline in the number of hospital-based diploma programs was
  diploma education’s position outside the mainstream of higher education.
   shift in hospital occupancy from acute care to home care.
  increase in hospital-based medical residency programs competing for educational dollars.
  beginning of associate degree programs that were shorter in length.
Question 5
The 1948 Brown Report recommended which of the following?
  Schools of nursing should be associated with teaching hospitals.
  Students admitted to nursing programs should not be required to meet admission requirements of the university.
  Schools of nursing should be located in institutions of higher learning.
   Limit enrollment of men and minorities in nursing programs.
Question 6
Which recommendation made by the 1965 American Nurses Association (ANA) position paper and other position papers of national nursing organizations is still an issue today?
  Education for nursing should take place in hospital-based programs.
  Minimum preparation for professional nursing practice should be the BSN degree.
   Minimum preparation for technical nursing practice should be the licensed practical/vocation nurse (LPN/LVN) diploma.
  Education for nursing must be evidence-based.
Question 7
Which person or organization is credited with developing the model of associate degree nursing education?
  Annie W. Goodrich
  National League for Nursing
  Esther Lucille Brown
  Mildred Montag
Question 8
Which of the following is an important advantage of distance learning?
  It allows a student to take courses without clinical components.
  It allows universities to offer more classes with fewer faculty.
  It allows students to set their own learning objectives.
  It allows access to adult learners who are geographically unable to participate in a traditional classroom setting.
Question 9
Which of the following is a part of the history of doctoral education in nursing?
  The number of doctoral programs in nursing has doubled since 1990.
  The largest numbers of doctoral programs are practice-focused.
  The nurse scientist program was discontinued after more universities began offering doctoral programs in nursing
   The first doctoral degree (PhD) was offered at the University of Pittsburgh.
Question 10
Which of the following is the primary distinction between licensure and certification?
  Certification validates a high level of proficiency.
   Certification is required to practice nursing.
   Licensure is voluntary.
    Licensure is granted automatically on completion of an accredited nursing program.

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