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NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 3  Quiz
Question 1
Which of the following was recognized earliest as a true profession?
  Social work
Question 2
Similarities exist between various ideas about what constitutes a profession. Which of the following is believed to be a characteristic of a profession?
  Members are trained on the job.
  Members are motivated primarily by financial reward.
  The group lacks a code of ethics.
  Members have autonomy.
Question 3
According to the nurse’s Code of Ethics, the hallmark of nursing practice
   evidence-based practice.
Question 4
A component that separates occupations from professions is commitment. Which of the following is the best way that nurses can show commitment to each other?
  Reading the professional literature
  Reporting substandard practice by unlicensed personnel
  Mentoring nursing students and novice nurses
   Making a financial donation to a professional organization
Question 5
The process of professionalization of an occupation typically follows a pattern of developmental stages. One of the stages is collective identity. Which of the following is an example of collective identity?
  Legal right to practice profession to protect unique skills from outsiders
   Definition of the profession’s mission related to full-time work
  A loose association of practitioners
  Apprenticeship programs to develop skills
Question 6
A barrier to professionalism attributed to nursing’s roots in altruism is illustrated when a nurse
  questions a medication order written by the physician.
  needs to seek approval from charge nurse to give a PRN medication.
  feels guilty for expecting to be paid well for work.
   takes the time to listen to a patient’s fears about surgery.
Question 7
One of the characteristics of a profession identified by Kelly was “there is an organization (association) that encourages and supports high standards of practice.” Which of the following illustrates a concern for nursing meeting this characteristic?
  The purpose of the ANA does not address the economic and general welfare of nurses.
  The ANA has existed for more than 100 years.
  The membership of the ANA is less than 10% of all nurses.
   Nursing specialty organizations have greater power to influence practice than a more general nursing organization.
Question 8
Scholars have defined “profession” through the years. Which of the following were identified as common major characteristics according to scholars? (Select all that apply.)
  Practice is in a single recognized setting.
  It is based on a body of knowledge that can be learned.
  Skills can be learned in a variety of settings, including through job training.
  Professionals control their own practice and settings.
  It has a service orientation.
Question 9
Which of the following characteristics of a profession were listed in Flexner’s work on professions?
  Activities of professions are based on their own body of knowledge.
   Activities of professions are more physically than intellectually oriented.
  Beliefs and traditions are handed down from generation to generation.
  Beliefs of professions are more theoretical than practical.
Question 10
Which of the following best describes the difference between an occupation and a profession?
  In a profession, knowledge is handed down from generation to generation.
  In a profession, action is based on intuition.
  A profession requires a duty to serve.
   A profession is defined by members’ average income.

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