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In this week’s discussion, you will share your final link for your e-Portfolio, and reflect on the process of creating it.

First, share a link to your e-Portfolio again (remember to re-publish it so that any updates will be available). While it does not need to be complete by the time you post the link, it does need to be complete by Friday night. You will also peer review other students’ final e-Portfolios this week. Remember to check any files you uploaded using Google Drive to ensure they are visible to others. Try using an incognito or private browsing window.

What are your thoughts about your e-Portfolio creation, its usefulness, and the process of making it?

How do you plan on using your e-Portfolio in the future?

Besides just the e-Portfolio, what did you find useful from the class? What could be improved? What do you feel will particularly help you, and what do you think is not necessary?

While no specific word count is required, this is a upper level class, and you are expected to provide full, meaningful responses. If you are unsure about answers to these questions, do some informal research. Be sure to quote and cite (both in-text and parenthetically) any research you use, including your book. Citations should be in APA format.

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