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NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 7 Healthcare Policy Project
Purpose: The healthcare policy project is a major component of the practicum experience.  Students are expected to develop a new policy or change an existing policy, ensure stakeholder acceptance of the policy or policy changes, and work towards implementation of the policy to benefit nursing and/or patient outcomes. The healthcare policy project should be chosen, in conjunction with the mentor and approved by the course faculty, based on a review of the needs of the organization. The student is to assess the key concerns and needs of the organization related to a healthcare policy. The student is to assess the need for the healthcare policy project, develop objectives, and identify strategies from the literature used in the development and implementation of the policy. The student is to present the policy to the targeted audience or stakeholders involved in the policy development or change. The student should evaluate the healthcare policy project, including feedback from stakeholders.
Directions:  Create an outline of the healthcare policy project (with short narrative) to explain how the project addressed each of the elements in the grading rubric below. Include the following with your submission:  samples of materials prepared to use in the healthcare policy activity and appropriate reference citations in APA format.

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