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NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 6 Initiation of Capstone Project
The capstone project focuses on a concern or issue identified during the healthcare policy practicum experience and suggests an evidence-based solution to the identified problem or concern. The capstone project topic should provide sufficient depth and scope to integrate evidence-based practice, multidisciplinary theory, and advanced nursing practice concepts into areas specifically related to the role of the nurse leader in healthcare policy. 
The purpose of this assignment is to provide learners with the opportunity to initiate the capstone project. The student will identify a policy issue or concern that impacts nursing practice and/or patient outcomes and will conduct a literature search on the topic. The student  is required to write a 1-2 page summary detailing your capstone topic, explaining with specific statistics how the topic impacts nursing practice and patient outcomes, include a description of how, when and where you will carry out your capstone.  Include minimally ten scholarly citations in your summary.  Please annotate each citation’s reference on the reference page with 2-3 sentences. This will provide the foundation for development of the capstone project in NR660.
1.            Identifya capstone topic area that was encountered during the healthcare policy practicum experience. Briefly describe (1 -2 paragraphs) how this topic impacts nursing practice and/or patient outcomes. 
2.            Conduct a database search on the selected capstone topic
3.            Create an annotated bibliography that includes a minimum of 10 scholarly citations related to the capstone topic.  The main concepts of each article should be summarized in two to three sentences. References should be cited in APA 6th edition format.

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