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NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 3 Resume
The purpose of this assignment is to provide learners with the opportunity to develop a resume as the first part of the professional portfolio.
Create a resume/curriculum vita as part of the professional portfolio. For healthcare policy, a resume is required as part of your portfolio. The resume will include information about your educational background, professional experiences, scholarly work, awards, honors, and affiliations.  The resume must be factual, well organized, and free from errors. 
While the format for a resume can vary, the writing style and format must be internally consistent; APA format is not required, but only one format should be followed.  The resume must follow a professional outline; the outline below provides you with the standard information contained in a resume.   If you have not had the opportunity in your career to accomplish some of the milestones listed, delete that area and move on to the next part of the resume.  Ensure you include all required elements of the resume as outlined on the rubric below.
Cell Phone
PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS – includes Professional Role Statement, Professional Credentials and Licensure, and Professional Goals
EDUCATION – in reverse chronological order, list all educational institutions attended.  Include dates, degrees earned and majors.
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY – in reverse chronological order – List name of employer, position held, dates of employment, brief summary of job responsibilities
PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS – listCertifications and Accreditations
SCHOLARLY WORK – include publications, presentations and research. 
AWARDS – List citations from employers, community groups, and professional associations
GRANTS – list any grants awarded, dates, awarding agency, title of grant and amount of grant 
PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS – list memberships’ in any professional organization, include offices held. 

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