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NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 1 Discussion
Nurse Leader in Healthcare Policy Role
As you begin your practicum course, reflect on your professional career and consider the reasons you are interested in the healthcare policy role. During this discussion, identify those aspects of your professional career that have led you to the goal of becoming a nurse leader in healthcare policy. If you have been in a leadership or policy role during your career, identify the preparation you have for the healthcare policy role. Review the program and course outcomes, and identify areas that you would like to emphasize during the practicum experience.
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 2 Discussion
Involvement throughout the Policy Cycle
Discuss your current and/or proposed involvement with healthcare policy at your practicum site. What are your opportunities to demonstrate critical inquiry and judgment throughout the policy cycle?
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 3 Discussion
Legal and Ethical Considerations during Cost-Benefit Analysis
Healthcare policy often impacts organizations and/or individuals financially, either through monetary or resource utilization. The cost must be weighed against human benefit to patients and nursing practice. Consider policy involvement in your practicum experience. What legal or ethical dilemmas might you encounter when making policy decisions based on costs versus benefits?
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 4 Discussion
Effective Leadership
Within the practicum environment, what is one leadership style you have observed? How does the leader utilize the characteristics of this style to facilitate action within the group to develop or make changes in healthcare policy?
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 5 Discussion
Advocating and Lobbying in the Practicum
How is policy information disseminated to inform and influence policy decision makers? Discuss the engagement by nurse leaders at your practicum site in advocating or lobbying, and describe two techniques utilized to ensure advocacy or lobbying are effective.
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 6 Discussion
Political Engagement During Practicum
Describe the healthcare policy agenda of your practicum site. How are nurse leaders engaged in political action with healthcare policy at your practicum site?
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 7 Discussion
Promoting Patient Safety and Nursing Quality
During your practicum experience, describe an opportunity you had to promote patient safety and/or quality nursing practice. Describe the policy or issue and your position on the issue. What methods were utilized to communicate your position (town hall meeting, testimony, personal communication, etc.)?
NR650 Healthcare Policy Practicum
Week 8 Discussion
Self-Reflection on Competencies
Review the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing and competencies related to the healthcare policy listed on the self-assessment of professional competencies. Explore one competency you consistently demonstrated during the practicum experience and one competency that requires additional professional development. Suggest three strategies to foster your competencies as a nurse leader working in healthcare policy.

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