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NR507  Advanced Pathophysiology
Week 5 Disease Process Presentation Assignment Part 2
Description of the Assignment
In Week 7, students will present an audio/video PowerPoint presentation using the Disease Process Presentation Guidelines and Rubric located under Course Resources. To ensure timely development of the Week 7 assignment and an opportunity to receive feedback from the course faculty, students will develop the Week 7 presentation in 2 parts.  Parts 1 and 2 will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation that contains thorough speaker notes. After students have received faculty feedback on Parts 1 and 2, students will develop the final presentation that is audio and video recorded and uploaded to the Week 7 Discussion Board.
Criteria for Content
Link changes in the tissue, organ, and system functioning to the initial presenting signs and symptoms seen in primary care of the disease.
Provide a brief description of how the disease is diagnosed.
Provide a brief description of the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions used to treat and manage the disease.
Summarizes the disease on final slide with concluding remarks; includes implication for nurse practitioner practice.
Utilizes at least two current (within 5 years), peer-review scholarly sources to support presentation content.
Reference slide and in-text citations depict references correctly cited according to APA.
Preparing the Assignment
Criteria for Format and Special Instructions
Presentation Guidelines:
The presentation should include a PowerPoint presentation that contains detailed speaker notes.
The presentation contain main heading slides that address the assignment criteria listed above.
The presentation should contain appropriate evidence to support the information presented per APA format.
Slides should be used as cues to topics and key concepts without lengthy sentences and paragraphs
The presentation should contain a reference slide with all sources written in APA format.

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