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ETHC445 Principles of Ethics
Week 1 Discussion
The study of Ethics brings many different kinds of “thinkers” together. One person’s philosophy on ethics may be another person’s philosophy on evil. We will be working this term on constructing personal ethical bases and understanding how Ethical Codes (both personal and professional) are created and followed.
To start us thinking about the different areas of philosophy and ethics, and how we fit into the different molds or world views, let’s discuss the differences and similarities between these views. To do this, let’s look at the role of right and wrong, laws which regulate behavior, principles vs. morality, and the role of ethics in our society.
To start out we’ll answer some of these questions and create more of them as we go. Pick one of the following and respond to your classmates thoughts and views:
Do we need ethics if we have laws? Why or why not?
Is it ethical to change our own views of ethics based on the situation we are in?
Can we “legislate” ethics?
How does Aristotle’s “virtue ethics” mirror your ethical view, or how is it different?

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