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Develop a Effective Organizational Communication training plan that includes a lesson plan in the form of an outline and a timeline. Explain the selected training methods for your training and development program, and assess the effectiveness of selected program measurements, evaluation, and technology used for the training.
Develop a lesson plan for your training and development program, including the following: 
o  Develop a timeline for the training and development program. SEE SAMPLE (attached) 
o  Identify each training activity and link the activity to the learning objectives used in the training and development program.
o  Explain the training methods chosen for each learning objective in the program.
o  Describe how practice and feedback are incorporated into the lesson plan to measure the transfer of learning.
In addition to the lesson plan, write a rationale, including the following: 
o  Analyze the pros and cons for trainers and trainees of each training method used in the program.
o  Articulate the effectiveness of each training method on a trainee’s motivation to learn.
o  Assess the costs and benefits of evaluating training and development programs.
o  Assess how a lesson plan that includes a distance learning module impacts a trainee’s learning experience.
Sample Lesson Plan Template
You might wish to use this Lesson Plan Template to research training lesson plans and to select a format for your Developing a Training Plan assessment. Replace the contents of the table with your own information. YOU SHOULD CONSIDER 8 HOURS OF TRAIINING
Training Program: Eating Right
Learning Objectives
Training Activities
Training Methods
Practice and Feedback
30 minutes or
8:00–8:30 a.m.
Identify healthy eating habits to avoid health problems.
Show video “Eating Right.”
Set up the video and turn on equipment before class begins (check for sound).
Ask discussion questions to check for understanding.
5 minutes
Divide class into groups of four.
Divide the class into groups of 4 and have the groups sit in a circle for this discussion.
15 minutes
Explain the five food groups.
Small group discussion of the video.
Use the 5 questions in Appendix D (hand these out to each group) and give each group 15 minutes to answer these questions.
Review question responses by calling on each group.

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