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Two paragraphs  Separate responds  One reference for each 
Designing Tests” Please respond to the following:
Imagine that you work as a systems analyst for a midsized company. Explain your roles and responsibilities in designing and performing various testing for object-oriented systems and uncovering software bugs.
2.      “Quality” Please respond to the following:
Use your own work experience or educational experience to explain how you would measure product quality in Agile project management.
Suggest ways on how to conduct testing in Agile project management. Support your answer with a real-life scenario.
3.      Measuring Performance” Please respond to the following:
Determine the differences between the outcome performance measurement and the output performance measurement. Provide a scenario of each being clearly used.
Evaluate why cost is not one of the five core metrics in the SLIM model. Speculate on the consequence(s) if cost served as one of the core metrics. Use an example to support your answer.
4.    “Domain-Specific  and Generic Software” Please respond to the following:
Select a well-known application (i.e., a product by Google, Microsoft), which is generally considered generic. Then select an application that is considered to be domain-specific. Explain how the generic application software could be modified into domain-specific software and then explain how the domain-specific software could be modified to be more generic (or at least applicable to more domains. Support your answer.
Select a domain-specific tool or software and determine if it could be a useful tool for a wider customer base if modified to be more generic. Explain why or why not.
5.    Domain Expertise” Please respond to the following:
Imagine that you are the software architect team lead for a midsized company and you have been asked to develop domain-specific software for customers. The team will consist of both software engineers and domain experts. Explain the approach that the domain experts and software engineers should take to develop the product correctly. 
Determine the steps in the domain software development life cycle in which you believe domain expertise plays the most important role. Explain each step and analyze why domain expertise is important in each step.
In today’s society, the competition is rampant. Consumers literally have hundreds of places to purchase from, thanks in large part to the internet. If a person does not like the offerings in their area, they just have to hop online and can order from literally anywhere in the world now. So, with so much competition, businesses really have to pour the money into creating loyal customers. The idea of creating loyal customers is called Customer Relationship Management.
Think of Wal-Mart, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and Wal-Greens. Pick one of these businesses and assess their customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. How does the business measure quality? How does the business measure customer satisfaction? What do you think the business can do in order to improve their CRM strategy?
Using the same business, you identified in the above bullet, how exactly are they going about creating customer loyalty? What strategies are they using? How effective do you think their current strategy is at creating and maintaining their customer’s loyalty? If you could change one items about their loyalty program what would it be?

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