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Comparison/Contrast Essay
Though most of you are relatively young, you have all gone through changes in many aspects of your lives. You are now in college, but a short time ago you were in high school. Some of you might no longer be living at home. Perhaps you used to live in a different place—different apartment, different city, different country. Your economic situation may be different now as well. Maybe it’s a social situation: from dating a lot to rarely dating now or the other way around. You might even think how the way you think about a specific idea now differs from what you thought about that idea or opinion—even a person—in the past.

Whatever aspect of your personal story you choose to focus on, your primary goal in this essay is to give the reader a clear sense of how that aspect of your life is different—and perhaps in some details, similar—from past to present. As always, the use of specific detail is essential to give the reader a clear sense of then and now.

Keep in mind that I do not want you to compare/contrast anything that does not fit into the above general description. Doing so will result in your needing to redo your essay. If you’re not sure about whether your choice of topic is suitable, please run it by me. We will discuss this further in class.

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