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Be sure to have the form attached filled out, signed, and attached to your assignment 

For this paper, you are to pick an organization in your community to spend time as a volunteer. I encourage you to choose a location that fits with something that is of interest or that challenges your current perspective.
To receive full credit, you must spend a minimum of 2 hours volunteering for the organization. Be sure to have the form below filled out, signed, and attached to your assignment. Additionally, you will write a 3-4 page report discussing what you did during your experience and how this experience ties into the work we have been doing in Inequalities in the Social World this semester. Be sure to specifically include terms and concepts from our textbook and readings. 
No outside sources are required, however be sure to cite, in APA format, the textbook and other sources if you choose to add them.  The paper should be typed and double spaced with no smaller than 12 font.  A title page including your name, date, assignment title, and course title is required.  Papers with no title page will receive a 10% deduction.  I am more concerned with content than with number of pages.  However, for those of you that need number of pages, these tend to be 4-5 pages in length including the form.  The form must be attached and submitted via Canvas with your report. Let me know in advance if you have any questions or need assistance with choosing an organization.

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