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This will be your last Discussion Board (total of 10), so here are four things (the “mixed bag”/assortment) from which to choose:

1) Was this Business Communication course useful (I hope!)? Can you share any examples of how it helped you, and do you have any suggestions to make this online version better? 

2) Trending on BuzzFeed (These can be a little outrageous!) I got to tour their NYC facilities a couple of years ago with my PR group, and it was amazing, including an outdoor employee bar for entertaining themselves or clients on a high floor overlooking the Chrysler Building, no dress code, inspirational sayings and acronyms everywhere, snacks galore, the Tasty Kitchen (wow!), and much more.

3)  If you could do anything you wanted to do for a career, what would be your dream job?
4)  What you are thankful for in your life and why. (I’m thankful for my great Drexel students!) 

I’ve really enjoyed teaching and working with all of you and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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