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1. Please use credible sources, as my professor is very tough when grading. 

2. Be sure to use complete APA format (when citing sources as well) and include where the data was retrieved from in the reference page.

3. For this part, you are required to discuss each question about each of our competitors. Again, our chosen company in Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola’s competitors are: Pepsi, Nestle and Red Bull

What needs to be covered…

i. Industry environment…who are the principal competitors (oligopoly, etc.) ii. Brief description (what are they known for) 

iii. SWOT analysis 

iv. Competitive advantage

I have also provided a Sample that was done by previous students for you to use, if helpful. 

You can also use my school’s data base for better and credible sources:

There are no length requirements but make sure it’s not too brief

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