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A change leader is a person who takes leadership responsibility for changing the existing pattern of behavior of another person or social system.
Do a little research and identify a change leader who you admire. Be sure that the person you choose is involved in health care.
Write a two page paper that explains:

who this change leader is
what change they accomplished
the outcome of the change effort
the personal and professional characteristics that make them a successful change leader.
why these particular characteristics were important to the success of the change effort.

As always, be sure to: (1) proofread and spell-check carefully and (2) cite all sources and provide in-text citations using APA format.
Avoiding Plagiarism:
All papers will be reviewed by Turnitin software to identify any acts of plagiarism. After you upload your paper you will be able to view your Turnitin report.  In this report, any portions of your paper that include word-for-word text from web-based sources will be highlighted.  If you find you have made a mistake and need to revise your paper, you can upload another version of your paper using the same link.

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