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The assignment will consist of a 500-word summary of the following podcast:
The Art of Leadership Ideas with Paul Kennedy
December 7, 2018
What makes a good leader – someone with the ability to get others to follow, sometimes into the
unknown? From the Stratford Festival, a discussion about leadership three successful (women)
leaders: Chief Ava Hill from the Six Nations, Anita Gaffney, Executive Director of the Stratford
Festival, and Samantha Nutt, founder and Executive Director of War Child Canada.
The podcast is available at: or (descriptions)
Summarize the podcast by describing the following:
– The participants and their backgrounds
– Key learnings of the participants from their leadership experience. You may put these in a
list of bullet points.
– Personal applications
The top of your summary should have the following title centered and bolded at the top of your
Podcast Summary: The Art of Leadership with Paul Kennedy
Student Name: Insert your Name here
Student Number: Insert your Number here
Email: Insert your Email here
Any specific quotes should be cited, and every summary should have a source footnote included
in footnote format. The correct APA citation format is provided here:
Coulter, L. and Reid, M. (Producers). (2018, December 7). The Art of Leadership Ideas with Paul
Kennedy [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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