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Instructions 1. Read the case study presented below. Take notes of the symptoms and behaviors that Mr. A is presenting. 2. Act as a researcher, a neuroscientist or a psychologist trying to look for clues and information that can help you to explore what happen to this person and how can you help him. ================================================== Mr. A Case Study Mr. A is a male of 65 years old. He suffered a major contusion in his brain. Since then his behavior and his mental process has been affected. After the contusion, he was bleeding through his left ear and lost consciousness. Once he woke up, in the hospital, he was unable to speak (aphasia). He also lost ability to move. This happened around the first day of being hospitalized. The next day in the hospital he could move his head and began to try to talk. His family was unable to understand what he was saying. As the day progressed, he began to gain the ability to speak. The third day he could speak, but with difficulty, having problems pronouncing words. He also had difficulties in the coordination of movements and was unable to stand on his own feet. When his family explored if he was oriented in time, space and person, he was unable to recognize where he was and consistently said it was a year in the past. He could recognize neighbors and other distant people but was confused with his main family members (including his wife and children, he consistently mixed their names). As time progressed Mr. A could gain full speech and was able to walk. However, his mobility was slow. He had difficulties coordinating his movements and he needed a walker to maintain his balance. When he was laying down, he was unable to stand by himself. He presented consistent psychotic symptoms, including hallucinations (seeing and hearing things other people did not saw or hear) and delirium (having obsessive ideas that were not real). His mood consistently changed, mainly being anger and at moments getting physically aggressive. He was consistently impulsive, he consistently used bad words, insulted everyone around him, and will say out loud inappropriate things without consciousness of this being inappropriate. He lost the ability to postpone instant gratification and had difficulties controlling his emotions, particularly anger. ================================================== Questions: 1. What area(s) of the brain do you believe were affected by the contusion? (Identify at least 3 areas of the brain) Explain your choice. 2. Identify the methods you will use to explore Mr. A nervous system and functioning. You must identify at least 1 technological method to study the brain and explain why you are choosing it 3. Which other factors are important to consider for Mr. A recovery? 4. Did you think is possible for Mr.A to regain functionality? Explain your answer. (Think about age, neuroplasticity, and other factors like treatment, change in life style, etc)

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