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PICK A TOPIC OF YOUR OWN as long as it involved Data Analytics of a start-up company.  
This will be at least 15-page report which consolidates all of the other reports into one sign big report and
reads from start-to-finish like a polished professional technical explanation of the business you are describing.
Adjust each of the smaller reports (Assignments 2-5) to eliminate any duplication that might exist – do not
simply stack one on top of the other.
Make the whole thing readable and logical from start-to-finish. Ask yourself “Would a Venture Capitalist
actually buy into this?”

Assignment 2: Description of the Data Analytics Business. 
A 3-5 page APA original document describing
your Data Analytics (imaginary) company. Will define what need you fulfill, what your customer is looking for,
what competitors are doing in this space (if anything), the Scope of services (what’s in and what’s out) and an
estimated timeline that you think will be required. Include all references and citations.

 Assignment 3: Cloud Services. 
A 3-5 page APA original document describing your approach to using Cloud
services in your (imaginary) Data Analytics firm. You can choose to use Cloud services or not to use Cloud
If you choose to use Cloud services your choices include things like SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, DBAAS, Desktop As
a service, and others, and you must name your expected CSP. If you choose to NOT use cloud services you
must state the hardware and software you expect to acquire, what you think it will cost, whom will install and
maintain it, how many employees you will hire to support it, and what data center you will rent/build to house
it, plus any DR considerations.

Assignment 4: Network and Big Data. 
A 3-5 page APA original document describing the Network and
your management of Big Data, you will use in your (imaginary) Data Analytics company. The choices you made
beforehand for Cloud and Customer (Assignments 1-3) will now dictate the complications you might have
establishing a network and managing vast amounts of data.

Assignment 5: Security and BCP/DR. 
A 2-5 page APA original document describing your Information
Security and DR approach. This will include your assessment of the value of your data and analytics, and will
explain how your approach to security and to DR matches the value of your data.

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