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Capstone Assignment: professional philosophy of health/ health promotion
For this assignment, write a professional philosophy of health and health promotion. The following sections should be included in your statement.
The process of developing a professional philosophy includes discussing and listing core beliefs and principles regarding health education. Answer the following questions to help you draft your professional philosophy.
I. Statement of core values & beliefs of community health/ health promotion: Describe the values and beliefs that influence the way you view health and community health? How do they influence your professional world view of health? What has influenced these beliefs? How have they developed? (Citations in text and list of references when applicable)
a. Experiences / observations in the Social environment?
b. Experiences / observations in the Physical environment?
c. Course Readings?
d. Training?
e. Work experience? Personal life experience?
II. Statement on the role/ responsibility of Health Promotion as a field: What are the desired outcomes in health promotion? Which of these outcomes do you see yourself contributing to as a health professional? Why is this important to you?
III. Future Health Promotion Professional: How do you see yourself working professionally to ensure these outcomes? Try to be specific and describe in detail. Health Navigator? Health Promotion Specialist? Project Coordinator? Patient education?  As a Community Nurse or a Health Teacher?
IV. Health Education Competencies: Which core CHES responsibilities and competencies appeal to you most? Do you know which type of professional position aligns with these responsibilities?
V. Setting for Health Promotion: In which type of setting would you like to work? Why? What type of strategies would you use? Why would you work in this setting or use these particular health promotion strategies as opposed to others that are available to you? (Clinical vs Community; School vs. Community; policy vs. patient education)
VI. Statement of Professional Development: What additional experiences/ training/ opportunities will you seek out to prepare you for a career in health promotion?
Format of Final Document/ Assignment:
· This should be at 2 pages.
· Use APA format for the citation of any references (Author, year).
· 11 or 12-point font (Arial, times new roman, Calibri)
· Double spaced
· Title page with Student Name, Professional Health Philosophy Statement and Resume, HE385 Foundation of Health Promotion, Date
· Include a copy of a professional resume (edited/ viewed by the SLCD office)

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