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IT3355 Network Architecture
Unit 4 Discussion
Network Management
For this discussion, consider the following scenario:
The CIO of the organization for which you are developing your project network decides after seeing the data flow maps you created that the timing is right to alter their relationship with their primary supplier. Currently, inventory requirements are maintained by the organization and orders are placed over the phone. The CIO would like to give the supplier a direct connection into the organization’s inventory system and make them responsible for maintaining stock.
Answer the following:
Discuss the pros and cons of making this kind of change as part of the development of a secure network infrastructure. Include how you would support or dispute this request for change in the project scope and address the ethical standards and implications of this decision.
Identify two to three enterprise network management tools (for example, HP OpenView, Entuity) that you have used. Would you recommend using them to manage the network for the vendor relationship?

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