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IT3355 Network Architecture
Unit 2 Assignment
WAN Network Design
For this assignment, you will create a wide area network (WAN) design. A WAN is the core component to your network, as it compasses all your local area networks (LANs) and all needed network infrastructures like routers, switches, and servers. Use the suggested resources, the Capella library, and the Internet to research project scope and requirements. Before you begin writing the assignment, be sure to complete the required hands-on virtual labs for this unit and apply the relevant concepts within the assignment.
To prepare for this assignment, do the following:
Complete the required hands-on virtual labs for this week.
Research this topic and include at least three references from articles, books, or Web sites to support your paper.
Your completed assignment should include the following:
Create a diagram that includes the following:
Displays the basic topology for your selected organization. Include routers, switches, and all of the basic network connection hardware.
Diagrams your IP address. (Calculate and add your IP ranges and subnets onto your diagram.)
Provide an analysis of your diagram (explain switching and routing choices, topology choice, and overall wired infrastructure decisions).
Explain the strategy you will use for assigning IP addresses for this organization. Why did you choose the IP addresses that you did?
Describe IP addressing strategies for maintaining privacy on a network, be sure to explain how your strategy maintains privacy on your network.
Identify and describe at least three network addressing or topology standards that play a role in your network design.
Make sure that your paper is professionally written, free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout. Once complete, submit your paper in the assignment area.

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