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IT3355 Network Architecture
Unit 1 Discussion
Enterprise Networks
For this discussion, consider the following scenario:
Sally is the project manager for a mid-sized publishing firm. She is currently working on a project that involves a complete Windows upgrade for her organization. All of the organization’s PCs are being upgraded with Windows 7 and all of the servers are being migrated to Windows 2008. Halfway through the upgrade, Sally is ahead of schedule and under budget when she discovers that there is a compatibility issue with several major printers throughout the organization. With research, she finds that 64-bit drivers are not available for the printers the organization currently owns.
Explain the network engineering life cycle and identify the stage in which Sally made her error. Discuss the ways that Sally can now rectify her mistake in planning without jeopardizing both the schedule and the budget. If you were Sally’s superior, discuss what you would do in response to this potentially serious situation with a high-visibility project.

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